PHOTO GALLERY: Leighton Meester Sexes Up GQ

Umm...happy hump day, everyone?

Gossip Girl beauty Leighton Meester strips down to her scanties in the December GQ, giving us all an idea of what she might wear during a quiet evening at home after filming her hit CW series.

The 23-year-old actress and budding songbird also reflects on the gender breakdown of Gossip Girl's audience, noting,

“Guys are like, ‘My girlfriend watches it, so I watch it.’ But sometimes they watch it on their own."

Can you blame them?

Click through the photo gallery and enjoy the view.


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  • ivana86

    so perfect

  • bobby

    f*cking sexy can i have sex with you

  • annalynne2

    tussi mehr nicht

  • michaelshirley

    This is gorgeous.

  • Connie Price Is Great
    Connie Price Is Great

    wouldnt mind having a lebian affair with her anyday!

  • Emily Selby
    Emily Selby

    yum yum in my tum! sexy b*tch is what she is!

  • Wonga

    loving her at the moment! sexiext thing alive for me!

  • LeghtonRocks

    she is goddamn sexy! wonder if she does pull that zipper down.... and I'm a girl!

  • sherlym

    she really doesnt remind me of blair at all i think thats why i dont watch the series because its nothing like the books......

  • noah

    Excuse me Leighton, but your slut is showing.


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