VIDEO: Kristen Stewart Does The Today Show

VIDEO: Kristen Stewart Does The Today Show-photo

Despite feeling under the weather, Kristen Stewart put on a brave face at this morning's Today Show to promote that small movie that comes out on Friday, New Moon.

Kristen shared her thoughts on being involved in such an incredible thing like the Twilight franchise:

"In a way it's actually the coolest opportunity that an actor could be given because we not only get to explore our character for more than six weeks, which is what I'm used to on an independent movie, it’s also — I'm never going to be able to share what I love with so many people. This is once in a lifetime. We make movies for people. I'll never have this [again]. They call it a phenomenon for a reason."

Check out her appearance below:



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  • tatts09

    what shoes is she wearing????????????????????????????? ? She has THE BEST shoe collection EVER! Please can anybody tell me? go to have beautiful booties there..and you may also wanna try lulu' awesome shoes..hope this helps..

  • emile

    Hope she feels better.. She needs a rest from all the tours/promotions/interviews.. She's been to a lot of places (3 different continents) these 2 weeks.. I can't imagine how tiring was that be.. I really love this lady. Beautiful, Smart, Talented, Down-to-Earth, not pretentious celebrity. She has it all. Rob will be so lucky to have her.

  • Markk

    yeah.. Not only she has the Real Beauty and Talent, she is smart and intelligent and a very good attitude. Kristen is one of the Best in Hollywood.

  • Mark

    i totally love this girl.. She is the best in Hollywood.. Real Beauty, Talent and attitude..

  • reta

    she's awesome i love her soooooo much ana yeah manon she has the best shoe collction

  • manon

    what shoes is she wearing?????????????????????????????? She has THE BEST shoe collection EVER! Please can anybody tell me?

  • noah

    She has worse posture than FDR.

  • yay

    wow. talk about someone having their head on straight! a young woman too... in hollywood!

  • KristenRULES!!

    my boo is sick :( feel better Kristen

  • Bevin

    Aww! She sounds so down-to-earth and seems real. Not like some really fake actresses you can get. I love Kristen Stewart and I'm glad that she's enjoying herself with her work. She is living every girl's dream and seems to be making what she can out of it! Great interview.

  • me

    i can't even begin to care...she's so boring.