VIDEO: Speidi Does The Insider

VIDEO: Speidi Does The Insider-photo

W-O-W. This is one of the most amazing things we've seen in a long, long time.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt appeared on last night's Insider and engaged in some heavy-duty name calling with hosts Star Jones (who he called "big mouth") and Lara Spencer (the "queen").

Among topics of discussion were Spencer's recent Twitter attacks on Al Roker and just why Speidi acts the way they do!

Watch the action unfold below and don't forget to share your love/hate for the couple in the comment section!



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  • Blair

    The people that keep watching their shows and buying their stupid books on how to be famous or whatever its called are the ones I hate, cause it lets these two idiots prolong their 15 mins of fame to 20 and thats to long for me..... I want to punch that guy every time I see his pic.

  • Auntie

    Speidi and Heidi, those two better enjoy their time in the spot light because it won't last long. At lease not with the intelligent people. What a couple of want a b's. Get A Life!!!!!!!!!!

  • anna

    kill them now Jesus!!!!!!!!!! aaargghh i hate them so much!! :@

  • Jimbo

    Jen, You would not get jail time for killing those two. I think they would award you the Noble Peace prize....

  • Claudia Duarte
    Claudia Duarte

    Someone please assassinate these two. I'd do it but jail's not my thing. Hahaha. I agree.

  • Jen

    Someone please assassinate these two. I'd do it but jail's not my thing.

  • Liv

    Al Roker and Star both suck. And they really did treat Speidi like sh*t on this interview. Funny.