VIDEO: Stephenie Meyer Experiences Vampire Burn-Out

VIDEO: Stephenie Meyer Experiences Vampire Burn-Out-photo

With all the fame and fortune that vampires have brought to Twilight authoress Stephenie Meyer, you'd think she'd never get sick of the little suckers, but such is not the case.

Meyer spoke to Access Hollywood on the red carpet at Monday's New Moon Los Angeles premiere and, when asked about the possibility of a fifth Twilight book, she admitted that the whole vampire thing has left her a little drained.

Saying that there won't be a fifth Twilight installment "anytime soon," Meyer added,

"I've got a lot of other things I want to work on, and honestly, I'm a little burned out on the vampires. I've been doing this for a while."

Instead, Meyer will set aside the Cullen clan to work on a ghost story, a sequel to her adult sci-fi novel The Host, and maybe something in the fantasy realm.

Check out the video and tell us in the comments section: Would you like to see Stephenie churn out another Twilight book at some point, or do you think she's said all that needs to be said with the saga?



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  • Hello

    God, Twilight hmm... whats the best thing to sum it up for all you people who actually think Stehpen Meyers has half a brain to write a novel at all. Twilight is about a shallow, obsessive, loathing, self-deprevating girl who literally goes balls out insane for a guy proving that all female depencance is subjectively and directly satisfied ONLY when the emo Edward Cullen, or these ignorant, inane, stupid, distant and emotionally abusive boyrfriends actually give the time and day to care about them. This is from a GUY's perspective of things, where this isn't a romance novel, its a sad little satire on all the horribly, whiny, overly-dramatic teenage life that centers around a girl with daddy issues and overall issues with many men. This is proven when she's seen under a critical lense, manipulating other boys to replace this metaphysical and emotional hole that Edward has left in her with a promise of just getting close to them yet always pulling away with the same excuse of never loving another man. She is by far, the worst example of a female, no a human being I have ever seen. Not to mention how the movies and books fared up to actually passing a limit of inferioirty to half-way decent. Whether or not you people like or dislike these books, their is an obvious misogynist view here that isn't even subtle. You have only yourself to thank for sympathizing, wanting the "Bella version" of life or fangirling over a step back to female freedoms and the art of literature.

  • Jenni

    Whether anyone likes or dilikes the Twilight series of Stephenie Meyer as an author- the fact remains that the woman has written several books- most people cannot even write ONE. writing is not an easy accomplishment- kudos to Stephenie Meyer

  • Tuulikki

    No more Twilight... the only reason it was called a book is because it had a cover and binding. This fad needs to die already...

  • nicole

    I moving on to the fourth book. I enjoyed the eclipse more than the other 2. We'll see about the fourth. I do have to admit that the books would be better with some sex scenes in it but it is pg-13. Even tough i enjoy her sagas i'm sure she doesn't only want to be known for just those. So i don't blame her for moving on. don't hate congratulate

  • obsessed

    noooooooo i need more twilight lol. but gotta admit i didnt really like the host halfway of the book the ending was gay too but overall i guess it was okayy

  • Bob Surunkle
    Bob Surunkle

    This broad looks like a bloated circus clown. LOL!

  • me

    She better not try to copy Harry potter like she copied every vampire author on the face of the planet. "Fantasy realm"...yeah we'll see...

  • Zakgirl

    IT is wonderful that Stephenie Meyers has been so successful from the chore of writing four books whilst caring for her children and coping with all that comes with fame. She is now public property and this means she will have to work hard throughout the coming years. Writing is a strict discipline and it may appear that Stephenie had overnight sucess. The truth is Stephenie would have spent many years perfecting her writing possibly lonely and frustrating hours to get her works just right so that the general public could ultimately choose to enjoy her imaginative work or not. If Stephenie wants to try ghost stories or fantasy or any ohter genre for that matter then good luck to her and I hope she continues to do very well. Being a writer is hard work and I admire anyone who can stick to such a tough challenge. She deserves all the acolades. Good Luck for the future, Stephenie!!

  • Lacy

    That is a terrible thing to say! I think it could go either way. She could continue with Renesmee growing up. More could obviously happen with the Cullens since they are immortal. Or, she could leave it as it is and it can still be considered complete. Let her do whatever she wants to do.

  • apples

    LOL. even she's over it, and she wrote the crap. lets move it along now people....

  • noah

    This broad looks like a bloated circus clown.