VIDEO: Stephenie Meyer Experiences Vampire Burn-Out

With all the fame and fortune that vampires have brought to Twilight authoress Stephenie Meyer, you’d think she’d never get sick of the little suckers, but such is not the case.

Meyer spoke to Access Hollywood on the red carpet at Monday’s New Moon Los Angeles premiere and, when asked about the possibility of a fifth Twilight book, she admitted that the whole vampire thing has left her a little drained.

Saying that there won’t be a fifth Twilight installment “anytime soon,” Meyer added,

“I’ve got a lot of other things I want to work on, and honestly, I’m a little burned out on the vampires. I’ve been doing this for a while.”

Instead, Meyer will set aside the Cullen clan to work on a ghost story, a sequel to her adult sci-fi novel The Host, and maybe something in the fantasy realm.

Check out the video and tell us in the comments section: Would you like to see Stephenie churn out another Twilight book at some point, or do you think she’s said all that needs to be said with the saga?