Hot Couple Alert: Robert Pattinson...and Martha Stewart?

Hot Couple Alert: Robert Pattinson...and Martha Stewart?-photo

Forget Robsten, try Robmart on for size!

During her appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night, New Moon star Kristen Stewart revealed that she has some heavy competition for the affections of her co-star, Robert Pattinson—domesticity mogul Martha Stewart!

According to Kristen, during a meet-up with Ms. "It's a Good Thing," Martha revealed that has a particular fondness for R-Pattz. 

“All she wanted to talk about was Rob," Kristen recounted, adding that Martha told her that she'd had a dream about Pattinson in which they had a "hug-out" and Pattinson seemed "very real and down to earth." 

At which point K-Stew told the Queen of the Kitchen, "I can hook you two up if you like.”

Well, Rob has expressed his preference for older women on more than one occasion.

What do you say, readers? Would R-Pattz and Martha make a cute couple? Sound off in the comments section!



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  • nina

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! ewww!!!! they are not a good couple

  • obsessed

    wtf lol eww



  • Stefania

    Relax people it's not a serious question!! OMG you guys are ridiculous......

  • Lin

    Whatever floats your boat, I always say, If he wants her that is

  • sweetemma97

    ewww... robert can't be with that old martha!!! she's disgusT!!

  • rips.

    Rob can get a hottie like Kristen. why would he want an old hag? Kristen is NOT hot!! anyway... she is pretty when she's in make up... sry. I like her btw.

  • tatts09

    lolz...yeah,i bet she does..her ultimate dream would be she sitting down in her kitchen with rob over her knee BUTT NAKED while she spanks him with her stirring spoon..or her spatula..


    WHY WOULD HE WHANT THAT OLD SACK OF sh*t.... I LOVE KRISTEN!!! SHES SO BEAUTIFUL A REal not one of those fake as celebrities

  • lizbizz11

    Oh My god... this would be scary!!! I can picture Martha Stewart like stalking Rob......

  • wups

    Woahh.. :D definitely a good couple! :D

  • jakinhol

    dirty old woman. she's almost 70