Jon Gosselin's "To Do" Wish List

Jon Gosselin's

For Jon Gosselin, every day is the opportunity to hook up with totally hot chicks!

And the Jon and Kate Plus 8 dad is aiming high!

On the top of his dream hook-up list?

"Jon said he really wants to hook up with Lindsay Lohan, Kristin Cavallari and Whitney Port," an insider tells Star.

The reality star has reportedly created a "hit list" of the stars he wishes to woo!

“He’s like a kid in a candy store and going absolutely wild,” the friend added. “He definitely isn't on the prowl for another wife.”

And, apparently, he has a big appetite. "He’s even been with two girls on the same day — and it’s still not enough!”

TMI, guys. TMI!

Who do you think Jon should hook up with?



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  • Jeanne

    Who'll want him after TLC gets through with him. They wouldn't spend big bucks with their legal department if they didn't think they had a solid case. After that hearing, Jonboy will be panhandling on the boulevard for money to buy listerine, because he sure won't have enough money to afford anything else

  • alexblagg

    This guy aims even higher than the Air Force.

  • Really?

    Jon really needs to hook up with a .45. Put his lips around that baby and give it a big kiss, then he'll finally be thinking about other people first for once.

  • jeffvond

    He wants to sleep with his new best friend's daughter Lindsey Lohan?? Creepy...

  • hotlove6

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