Lauren Conrad Writes Another Book

We know Lauren Conrad’s whereabouts have been eating at all of you lately. The big question is: What is she doing without the fame of The Hills?

We’ll tell you. She’s holed up like an introverted Jack Kerouac, slaving away on a modern typewriter, allowing her to produce a plethora deep and meaningful novels. That’s right. She’s an author. A career path we never thought she would skip down.

Her latest treat is titled Lauren Conrad Style and inside she visits the magical land of simple style. Essentially, it’s a guide to gradually morph into Conrad herself. We’re not saying she hasn’t reached fashionista status (she’s definitely evolved since her Laguna Beach days) but she’s no fashion dare devil.

Nonetheless, we believe it’s worth a read. There’s bound to be a few stand-out pointers in there.

The book is due out February 2, 2010. Are you buying what LC’s selling?