Leighton Meester on the Cover of British Glamour

Leighton Meester on the Cover of British Glamour-photo

What's the difference between Leighton Meester and and her Gossip Girl alter ego, Blair Waldorf's style? Freedom! Something we definitely caught a glimpse of during Meester's performance at the American Eagle flagship opening earlier this week. We digress.

She's actually Wild Things, rolled in bed chic on the cover of December's issue of British Glamour. Inside she revealed she thinks Blair could "let loose a bit." Can't say we disagree. We love the Queen's reigning duds but sometimes straight-laced perfection is boring.

However, Meester credits Blair for her current, dare-to-try-anything know how, and good or bad, we're thankful for that.



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  • chairobsesser

    i bought this just because she was on the cover! i don't even really like glamour!

  • REEM

    I just bought this magazine a couple of days ago just because of the cover has leighton on it !!! and this is the first time I bought britich Glamour magazine ..

  • Anna

    british glamour is may favorite mag! and i love leighton, not so much what she's wearing lately though.

  • d

    Ha ha I just got that mag a couple of days ago

  • Sophia

    Leighton's a conceited bitch who thinks she's a lot cuter than she actually is!

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