Levi Johnston Wears Lipstick

Levi Johnston Wears Lipstick-photo

That sucking sound you heard at last night's GQ Man of the Year Awards was the sound of air rushing into Levi Johnston's ears to fill the natural vaccum in his cranium.

Does anybody remember when going tranny actually took some commitment? Apparently, this dim bulb from Wasilla never got past Chapter One in the book on "How to Be an Attention Whore."

Lipstick? Really, Levi?  Zoom in on these photos and take a gander for yourself.



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  • rush limbaugh writes for celebuzz
    rush limbaugh writes for celebuzz

    What is wrong with you? Did you have a tally to see how many groups of people you could insult in one piece? This hateful and horrible writing isn't what I expect from Celebuzz and my expectations of your mediocre site weren't very high to begin with.

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  • Jen

    Why is he even in attendance at the man of the year awards? Go back to your trailer you backwoods piece of trash. I'd rather have a rectal exam that see him naked in Playgirl.

  • regans

    I'm pretty sure there's rouge on his cheeks, too.