So How Shirtless Is Taylor Lautner In New Moon?

So How Shirtless Is Taylor Lautner In New Moon?-photo

Twi-hards, w all know the question on many of your minds: Exactly how much of New Moon involves a shirtless Taylor Lautner?


The 17-year old, who added 30 pounds of rock-hard muscle to his Jacob Black character since the first Twilight flick, has a much bigger role in New Moon and we can't wait to see the results.

Let's break down the numbers:

The movie is 2 hours and 10 minutes long.

Taylor Lautner is in it for approximately 36 minutes.

12 minutes of those being shirtless.

Thank you, Summit Entertainment...



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  • sydsouth

    * I'm in love, his face is not at all ugly by the fukin way!! Ignorant ppl...* =}


    HE"S SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anna

    HOTTTTTY hi is totaly myyyy celeb crush

  • Ellie

    Taylor Lautner Is The Most Gorgeous Guy On The Earth! Ever Seriously He Is Gorgeous Omg :D

  • Nikks

    I saw new moon yesterday and i'm totally breathless. Seriously, I thought I wouldn't get all dramatic, but I just LOVED it! much better then the first one

  • LoveJacob

    THE MOVIE WAS A W E S O M E!!!!! I saw the midnight show and it was totally EPIC!!!! LOVED THE WOLF PACK!!! BUT TOTALLY TOTALLY LOVED JACOB!!! TAYLOR ACTED SO WELL IN THIS MOVIE. HAD GR8 CHEMISTRY WT KRISTEN ALSO. Felt bad for him (as I did wt the books) when Bella ditched him for Edward. She was extra rude to him in the movie than in the book. But that's good acting there. Totally have to agree wt Alyssa on the "yuck to Edward's exposed chest." That didn't go down well wt the audience. It was not cute. Too hairy along wt the paleness. Gross. But my honey Jacob and the wolves were HOTTNESS TO THE MAX!!!! The place erupted with all of his shirtless scenes. Loved it!!! HOTTIE SOON TO BE 18!!! "LEGAL"!!!

  • lcullen

    he was amazinggggggggggggly hot i loved him in the movie and robert was gorgeous like always and kristen was preety good in it too. So was the rest of the cast. IT was much better than twilight !!!!

  • Aniala

    Taylor you are sooooooooooooo hot im glad you got the role of Jacob im soooooo on team Jacob and no one can pull me offf of it they will have to get it over my cold dead love for you ( which wont happen ) because i wont let it. love Aniala Conroe Texas Alllllllllways a HUGE FAN.!

  • Leeloo

    OMG... I can't WAIT! I have my tickets for 22th on November and I want is to come soon!

  • Chelsea

    in nz it came out on the 19th and i saw it! its way better than the first one :)

  • emmaxoxo

    im seeing it 2morro night (saturday, over here) with my two besties and my mum lol i think it looks good, but one of my friends brought up a good point; "i wish they didnt put so much in the trailers" watching the twilight one again i can see what she means but its still going to be hell better than twilight

  • Kattie Campbell
    Kattie Campbell

    omg jacob is hot hot hot and then i found out that he was only 17 and ...well...yeh cant believe i think a 17 year old is HOT but he def is!!

  • caroline

    omg ! the movie is awesoomee !!!!!! it really was so much better than twilight .. jacob is super hot and sexy .. and everything was just so damn good ! :)

  • Alyssa

    oh i know exactly what u mean Simone. i saw it yesterday arvo and was just absolutely euphoric all night long...could not stop talking about how bella blew jacob off...and how awful edward looked without a waxed stomach and chest lol...everyone in the cinema said yuck when he took off his funny..but new moon was absolutely way better than twilight

  • hotlove6

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  • Laurencia

    In Belgium it already came out yesterday and it was AWSOME !!!

  • obsessed


  • Simone

    People! I just got back from the New Moon premiere in Denmark (which makes me wonder - what am I doing online 01.30 in the morning?!). It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I'd like to think of myself as a picky person, and though I know this isn't an epic piece of art, I really enjoyed it. Many laughs... Have fun today