Nikki Reed Comes Out for Team Jacob

No need to wonder which side of the Team Edward-Team Jacob debate Nikki Reed sits on—she’ll come right and tell you.

The Twilight actress, who plays Rosalie Hale in the somewhat popular vampire movie series, recently explained to Rolling Stone’s Peter Travers why her loyalties belong to Taylor Lautner’s Jacob Black character.

Says Nikki,

“When I was younger, Edward would have been super appealing. He’s so sexy and mysterious, and he doesn’t give you everything that you want. There’s always something else. He’s keeping you waiting.”

Yes, plus, he’s kind of girly, right, Nikki?

Reed continues,

“Jacob’s just there. For some reason, young girls, they don’t want the guy that’s just there…I’m Team Jacob.”

So Reed’s into guys who are “just there,” huh? Wonder how her current beau, Paris Latsis, feels about that.

Tell us in the comments section: Are you, like Nikki, Team Jacob, or are you more into that other guy?