Oprah Winfrey Retirement Countown: Only 658 Days Left!

Oprah Winfrey Retirement Countown: Only 658 Days Left!-photo

Earlier today, Oprah Winfrey announced that her eponymous television show would halt production at the completion of its 25th season on television on September 10, 2011. It might be September 9, 2011, actually; I'd fact-check it right now, except that I still have over 650 days to do so.

And that's the point.

Who announces they're ending their run almost two years in advance? Sometimes, royalty will make such advanced-notice announcements as to their future line of succession. Keeps the nation stable over centuries of rule. I suppose we know now that on the first Tuesday in November, 2012, Obama may or may not still have a job. But outside of monarchs and Presidents, who gives 650-day notice on their job?

Oprah does.

And what's certain to follow over this extended, drawn out, multiyear retirement parade is the longest goodbye in the history of goodbyes. Will there be time for tears? You betcha.  Time for at least umpteen "Best Of..." shows? Absolutely. Heck, Oprah could lose weight, gain weight, do a show on seesaw weight loss, lose weight, gain weight, become bulimic, lose the weight and more, start numerous "Is Oprah Starving Herself to Death?" rumor mills, and still get fat again, all in the time she has left before she exits the stage for the final time.

The Bible states that the world was created in six days. Certain religious scholars assert that this is more of symbolic figure than a technical count of time.  Still, no way it took longer than 650 days.



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  • Pete McNeely
    Pete McNeely

    I once dated...for a very short while...a country hillbilly chick who was bi-polar, divorced, and had six kids by age twenty, She was on medication for depression, smoked pot , was a crack user, and an alcoholic, and just a little bit ignorant. She was a huge Oprah fan too, Go figure!

  • Believer in Christ
    Believer in Christ

    Isn't that a coincidence. Ophrah will be retiring 1 year before 2012 dooms day prophecies. Just like all the elites of the world, they will be getting ready to hide in their bunkers while the rest of us face hell on Earth and die. A 2 year retirment announcement will give her enough time to say goodbye to her fans, which will leave her guiltless for leaving them to die outside the bunkers. Remember, Ophrah rejects Jesus Christ as the only savior of the world. Warning! Don't buy into the Church of Oprah.

  • Jesse

    its going to take 2 years for her audience to prepare themselves for that. i mean think about it, there are people who swear by oprah, i stumbled on this page doing a little research about a projected economic slump due to it. not a thesis or anything, i was curious. oprah as a marketing tools is huge alone, forget about book sales overall! i'm a 26 year old guy, and even i can see how oprah appeals to a certain breed, and its a very sensitive, attached one.

  • Wendy

    I do agree that it is crazy early and I am not much of an Oprah fan but didn't Leno annouce his end about 5 yrs before he retired to start his own show?