PHOTO GALLERY: Heidi Klum's Post-Baby Body

Here's a bit of inspiration for all the ladies out there trying to regain their figures post-pregnancy.

Supermodel Heidi Klum, who gave birth to a daughter, Lou Sulola Samuel, barely over a month ago, hosted the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in New York on Tuesday (and made a surprise appearance on the catwalk). Looks like the 36-year-old mother of four has bounced back quite nicely.

Click through the gallery and marvel at Klum's recuperative powers.



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  • Magdalena

    Hey, this is no big deal. After TWO WEEKS giving birth, I went from 130 pounds BACK to my pre-pregnancy body at 110pounds, and I am 5'6. And during my pregnancy, I did not even puff up, was very lean during my entire pregnancy. But of course, I am no celeb, so my image would not make it to the media haha! Obviously she needs to look good for her massive paycheck. There are many women out there who are much more leaner after birth than Heidi, remember this! Its just Heidi is a celebrity, thats all!

  • jtruth

    she looks way better then before the baby

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