Robert Pattinson to Get Busy With Uma Thurman

Robert Pattinson to Get Busy With Uma Thurman-photo

Watch out, Kristen Stewart; there's another woman vying for the heart of your man Robert Pattinson!

On the big screen, at least.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Kill Bill actress Uma Thurman has signed on to co-star with R-Pattz in the upcoming flick Bel Ami, about a young Parisian journalist named George Duroy (Pattinson), who rises to fame and fortune via a number of bedroom conquests involving influential women.

In the movie—an adaptation of the Guy de Maupassant short story of the same name—Thurman will play the wife of Duroy's friend. Thurman's character, a Parisian socialite, aids Duroy in his climb to the top and eventually marries him.

The film is due to begin filming in Paris next year.

Tell us in the comments section: Will you be able to stand seeing Uma Thurman get busy with R-Pattz on the big screen?



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  • BAMB


  • wtf?

    Err actually Uma and Ethan have been divorced for like 4 or 5 years. And at the very top of the article it says they were only speaking about on the big screen -- as in they're going to be acting together in a movie. Acting. Because.. you know.. they're actors? God it makes me giggle how defensive the little Twit-hards get if anyone dares to insinuate there might be trouble in paradise for good ole Rob and Kristen -lol-

  • Oh please..
    Oh please..

    Haha you make me laugh.. You know what shes married with Ethan Hawke and she have kids.. (check it out on google, you will find out about Uma Thurman bio.. I agreed with comments there are just for movie, oh please dont take a serious about them..Im sure Kristen and Rob already agreed each other and trust each other so they wont be worried..Soo..

  • funderpants

    Meh. The cub to her cougar in Prime was a thousand times hotter. Hope she enjoyed him in real life, not just on screen!

  • I'm just saying
    I'm just saying

    Its a movie - they are professionals - see no issues.