Talking to Your Kids About Sex (Tapes)

It was revealed this week in an Us Magazine article that Pamela Anderson decided it was time to have “that talk” with her two prepubescent boys, Dylan (11) and Brandon (12).

Those of us with children can certainly relate to the awkward moment when we must sit our children down on the couch and explain to them about our Internet sex tapes. 

Do we talk to them in technical terms, explaining our lens choices, aspect ratios, and decision to use night vision mode because we lacked proper stage lights? Or do we take them all the way back to pre-production phase, when mommy and daddy and the drunk chick in the next vacation villa over were still spitballing ideas on positions, matchups, and dirty talk vs. tipsy giggles?

Most experts will tell you that when talking to your children about your online sex tapes, honesty is always the best policy. For instance, don’t dance around the fact that mommy likes submissive feline play or that daddy is well-endowed. This is how you build trust with your kids on a real milestone event in the child-rearing process. The last thing you want to encounter is your child crying after school because his Internet-savvy buddy knows his mommy’s fetishes in more graphic detail than he does.

Pamela Anderson deserves a round of applause for not only having “that talk” with her children, but for shedding light on a cringe-inducing topic that we are all likely to face at some time in our life.

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