VIDEO: Rob Pattinson On 'Ellen'

VIDEO: Rob Pattinson On 'Ellen'-photo

In one of his funniest promotional stops yet, New Moon star Robert Pattinson sat down with Ellen Degeneres on her talk show on Friday afternoon.

You knew when you put these two together it would be epic, and it definitely was!

The pair talk about buying a house for the star, whether or not RPattz would go nakey in a future film, a fan who stripped for him, and even whipped out some old modeling pics from back in the day.




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  • sydsouth

    * lolZ!! * =}

  • Chris

    He is endlessly adorable. I love his expressions while talking about the geography of Oregon and Canada in the 2nd clip. I love his accent when he say "Is Oregon below Canada?"

  • mekate

    it's hard to find words to describe him...

  • mekate

    cute =]]