28 Biebs Later

This was the scene in Long Island yesterday when the whole town flocked to the Roosevelt Field Mall for Justin Bieber’s album signing. Poor Baby Biebs almost got thrown in the slammer when police told his entourage that if they didn’t stay away from the mall and cancel the event, they would have to arrest the little tyke. Turns out mall security and local police underestimated the power of The Bieb and couldn’t handle the pre-teen estrogen levels.

J-Bizzle took to his Twitter (the only conceivable method of informing 10,000 people about a serious situation) to tell his fans one of his crew members had been arrested and the event had been canceled.

Rob Kardashian was especially sad he couldn’t get his Bieber meet-and-greet on and went home to listen to One Less Lonely Girl and get a manicure. I’m serious… check his tweets.

Now for a poll… which nickname do you like best for Justin Bieber? a) Baby Biebs (time sensitive,) b) The Bieb (v. matter of fact!) or c) J-Bizzle (he’s totes got that whole gangsta vibe going on)? Maybe you have your own nickname for him… let’s hear ‘em! I’m off to watch BiebBC America.

N.B. For those of you who can’t take a joke… The actual source of these photos.