Robert Pattinson to Play Frank Sinatra?

You have to give Robert Pattinson credit; he dares to dream big.

The New Moon heartthrob, currently riding high on the runaway success of the Twilight sequel, has his sights set on a non-vampiric role next: that of Frank Sinatra, for Martin Scorsese’s much-discussed biopic on the legendary singer.

Says Pattinson,

“I would like to play Frank Sinatra in Martin Scorsese’s film, but so does everyone. I’m a little too young, I can sing but I can’t do his voice. There is a lot of competition. I’m not into competition.”

Sure. Then there’s the whole not-looking-anything-like-Sinatra thing. And the whole being-British thing.

But then, given the fact that everyone from Leonardo DiCaprio to Johnny Depp to Jamie Foxx has been mentioned among the possible candidates for the role, maybe R-Pattz’s thinking isn’t so pie-in-the-sky after all.

Readers, sound off in our poll: Do you think Pattinson has a shot at playing Ol’ Blue Eyes? More importantly, should he?