Alexander Skarsgard Is So Busted!

Alexander Skarsgard Is So Busted!-photo

Looking for 7.25 rigid inches of Alexander Skarsgard?

Soon you can have 'em!

Dread Central reports that DC Unlimited will be releasing a True Blood line of mini-busts, featuring Skarsgard, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer. (A replica of the Merlotte's Bar and Grill neon sign will also be available.)

The figurines, which will sell for $69.99 each ($89.99 for the sign) will be made to order (the images presented here do not represent final product), and will go on sale July 21, 2010.)

Tell us in the comments section: How would you play with your True Blood busts?



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  • Hanan

    Thanks. I do like the yellow it helps coenaurtct my default melancholia. The coat rack would work better if I added some more pegs and didn't just rely on the original branch stubs (there's also a big cluster of hats at the top).

  • Gemma

    The quality of the eqempiunt does make a difference, but so does just learning how to make the most of what you've got. My Mum went to a photography course run by a camera club (it's really cheap, run by volunteers from the club) and found it really helpful. I know a few other people who've done the same course (Rosanna Photography Club for Melbournians!) so it might be worth finding out if there is a club near you offering the same sort of thing. Failing that, taking lots and lots of photos, reading the instruction booklet that came with the camera, and paying attention to the differences between all the settings will get you a fair way.

  • Liz

    Toni Mandurah 333 / Dave Loudon You have stolen potohs of my friend & yes I have friends in Kalgoorlie that are now looking out for you Oh you may wish you never landed your arse in Australia & in particular Western Australia but then you can't go back to NZ either cos they are waiting for you there as well You can keep running but you cannot hide mate because we are going to catch up sooner rather than later .My Kal mates have been advised, you only steal photo's from our mate once & thats enough!!!!!!!!!BE WARNED!!!!!!!!

  • J

    This is hilarious! WAAAAAAAY overpriced but hilarious!

  • yep

    me too

  • goddess

    I'm with you, Jen, on the wishing...

  • Jen

    True.....but I DO wish for 7.25 rigid inches of Alexander Skarsgard.....

  • MissGuyDead

    I'm a little creeped out actually. Is this REALLY necessary? I'm a huge fan of the books & series but I just can't see there being a huge market for $70 figurines & a $90 sign.