PHOTO GALLERY: Celebrity Doll Faces

Taylor Swift has a Barbie Doll.

Great news for young girls and creepy older dudes everywhere.

The criteria for who gets to be a "Barbie" seems to have slipped just a bit over the years.

A gal used to have a length of career that wasn't still counted by "number of months" before the folks at Mattel chose to honor her with the "you've made it girl" plastic stamp of approval.

Still, that is quite a remarkable Made-in-China likeness. C'mon, just look at that hair. It's so lifelike it almost resembles her real fake hair!

Peer inside the gallery to see other celebrity dolls, past and present.



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  • Linna Silvaa
    Linna Silvaa

    i have this doll! it doesn´t look that lindz!

  • Linna Silvaa
    Linna Silvaa

    hahah veryy funny!

  • Linna Silvaa
    Linna Silvaa

    it doesn't look like her!

  • oih

    It looks more like a pale Jonathan Taylor Thomas

  • ugsg

    I remember getting this doll and the rest of Nsync for Christmas =]

  • myname

    lol i love the clothes, but it looks nothing like him.

  • analizc

    i really love himmmmmmmmm. he is so freaking hot!!!!

  • kaitlin

    eeew another creepy, pale, unnatractive robert pattison to see

  • mitty mat
    mitty mat

    wow that looks so like her! i love all those caption on the pictures i think ther HI-larious hahaha

  • mitty mat
    mitty mat

    wow it looks so like her! i love all the captions on pictures there HI larious hahaha

  • expert

    omg they made her fat!! hahaha

  • topshelface

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  • Guest

    They look like they are made out of Stretch Armstrong dolls.

  • Guest

    That's a beautiful doll though! No matter what the idiotic caption says.

  • Jamie Clarke
    Jamie Clarke

    Oh this is so cute.

  • guest

    seriously? "gayer"? not only are these captions nauseatingly uncreative, they've just graduated to offensive. hire better writers.

  • noah

    Yo Taylor -- I'm really happy for you and I'ma let you finish being a doll and everything... but Malibu Barbie is the best doll EVER!