PHOTO GALLERY: Miranda Kerr Is Pooped

Yes, even incredibly beautiful supermodels have to deal with their fair amount of crap in life.

Victoria's Secret angel Miranda Kerr was out and about in New York on Friday, withdrawing cash from an ATM and picking up her dog's droppings from the sidewalk.

At least, we're assuming they were her dog's droppings. Maybe Kerr just makes a habit of picking up pooch feces whenever she encounters it.

Either way, it's amazing to see how Kerr can make even a task like this seem glamorous. Click through the photo gallery to see what we mean.



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  • jill

    Stop the presses! Gasp, Miranda is not a goddess walking amongst us mortals. She is a regular person. Frankie does what a dog does and his responsible pet owner did what she was supposed to do, well except for the having him on a leash part. You would have had a story if she didn't attend to the poop. I wonder if that bag is biodegradable?