Adam Lambert Isn’t Going To Apologize For His Racy Performance

Adam Lambert really toned things down last night at the American Music Awards, don’t you think?

If you missed his performance, you NEED to see this:

Of course, this was all edited for the west coast feed of the AMAs. And he’s not going to apologize for anything.

After the show and the on-stage makeout sesh, he told Access Hollywood,

“You know honestly, if I offended some people… it’s apples and oranges. I’m not an artist that does things for every single person,” he told Access Hollywood. “I believe in artistic freedom and expression, I believe in honoring the lyrics of a song, and those lyrics aren’t really for everybody either.”

He also said he thinks editing his performance was “discrimination.”

“There’s a big double standard, female pop artists have been doing things provocative like that for years, and the fact that I’m a male, and I’ll be edited and discriminated against could be a problem,” he explained.

“People are scared and it’s really sad, I just wish people could open their minds up and enjoy things, it’s all for a laugh, it’s really not that big of a deal.”

What do you guys think? Was his performance pushing it?