Ashley Greene’s Diet Secret: “I Don’t Eat”

Don’t think Ashley Greene doesn’t work hard to get her super-sexy body that everyone and their mother and grandfather and weird uncle saw on the big screen this weekend.

The secret to her skinny New Moon figure? Just don’t eat, kids!

At an event on Saturday night, the actress told Us,

“It was really easy. We were working 12 hours a day, so it didn’t leave too much time to eat.”

Hmm…sounds fishy, Ash. Seems like Taylor Lautner was pretty well fed on the set.

Even her publicist was kinda shocked by her matter-of-fact response (since, ya know, advocating starving yourself when you’re in the biggest movie of the year is kind of, um, bad and not so role model-ish).

After a quick nudge from her PR girl, she quipped that when she did eat, it was “really healthy stuff, which was nice.”

Umm. Ok….?!?!