New Moon Kills At The Box Office

New Moon Kills At The Box Office-photo

Apparently, New Moon is kind of a big deal. The Twilight flick pulled in a whopping $140.7 mill over the weekend. Yeah, seriously.

Guess everyone was dying to see Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart interact on the big screen. Too bad Taylor Lautner totally won us over with his kind heart and, um, not-so-clothed body.

Check out these stats, courtesy of Gossip Cop:

Best single opening day ever surpassing THE DARK KNIGHT ($67.2 million)

Biggest 2 day total to reach $100 + million ($115.9 million to surpass THE DARK KNIGHT’s $114.8 million)

Biggest November opening in history surpassing HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE ($102.7 million)

3rd biggest opening weekend ever surpassing PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN: DEAD MANS CHEST ($135.6 million)

Best gross for midnight shows ever at $26.3 million surpassing HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE ($22.2 million)

What did you think of New Moon?



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  • jessicapattinson

    omg i looooove it, i love it so much that i've now seen i 4tmes ! and going to see it aagain for the 5th on sunday :) i just love to see MY rob topless on the bigscreen :) ♥

  • Ingeyla

    i loved it loved it loved it! all da actors did da most amazing job. i totally cried on kristen's expressions wen da seasons were changing. her expressions were to die for n nobody can say now dat she can't act. edward's pain was so much evident in rob's expressions. i have 2 say dat chris weitz lived upto da expectations n he delivered wat he promised!!

  • AT Team Jacob
    AT Team Jacob

    he is not sexy and needs to buff up and have a SHAVE for starters! OMG !! that moan litterally tourned me on!!! hahahah It was sexy!!!! And even if taylor has an 8 packed body I prefer ROB because he seems so I don´t know how!!!! h e has a sexy attitude and pluss he as a very lovelu match inbetween b lue eyes and light brown hair!! T hat just melted me down!!!

  • AT Team Jacob
    AT Team Jacob

    Jacob is SOOOOOOOOOOOO AMAZING! not only buff bod, but I so feel for him-HE shoul be with Bella,he deserves it-not blood-suckin' edward!! plus ewards soo not hot and needs to SHAVE!

  • sissi

    pfff the movie sucked!harry potter and dark knight was much more perfect!personally i had more suspence at the dark knight during the 2.30 hours!and earning so much money like hp and tdk is not a little.hp made 90.000.000$ and tdk a billion and more, so just wait to see how much the new moon will have earned when the theatres will close. oh and twilight was much more better than new moon.

  • Marri

    New moon exceeded my expectations, It definitely followed the book but with a twist which is good. You want to be a little bit surprised. I think everyone did a good job. I think the look of the movie was astounding and not to mention the music from the soundtrack complimented the scenes perfectly. When Bella was in her room depressed I felt her sadness. When Edward kissed Bella goodbye the emotions he displayed felt so real. With that said I really, really can't wait to see Eclipse as it is my favorite book out of the whole trilogy. So excited to see how it plays out on the big screen.

  • tatts09

    Sorry, not Taylor Lautne's fan.Funny thing is why people only watch the body not actor's eyes. i that split second when edward leaves bella in the woods was kinda painful to watch..the most was the part when he kissed the top of her head and closed his eye's..than when he opened them,there was so much emotion in his eys..i cried so like a was so sad...

  • sydsouth

    * The movie was great..i'ma go see it again for the fourth time!! I agree, Taylor kicked ass--all the while making me want his ass even more, lolz anyways, he did great I adore him, and then his acting was spot on in my opinion!!* AND....I would of kissed him in the truck, at that point &time Edward would be the last thing on my mind with Jacob in my face!!!* =D

  • annepattinson

    Oh I totally agreee... OMG !! that moan litterally tourned me on!!! hahahah It was sexy!!!! And even if taylor has an 8 packed body I prefer ROB because he seems so I don´t know how!!!! he has a sexy attitude and pluss he has a very lovelu match inbetween blue eyes and light brown hair!! That just melted me down!!!

  • tori9801

    Loved the movie, but as someone who took in every word in the book and all the extras from Stephanie Myer's site I just think that so much more could have been added. One of the most important moments in the book was the call to Edward when he found out about Bella, I think they could have played out his grief and pain more to show the true bond between them. Don't get me worng the movie was sooo great and I want to see it again and again. But it left a few voids in my twilight fanatic heart.

  • coco

    Oh I totally agreee... cant agree more i got goose bumps of how nervious i was the movie was amazing and i loved when jacob took of his shirt to clean bella's blood.


    i hope Eclipse does better, its my favorite book

  • LoveJacob

    I TOTALLY LOVVVVED the movie. It was AWESOME!!!! Taylor was awesome. His acting was too too good. He's very good at emoting wt his eyes in this movie. Looking fwd. to Eclipse. But Taylor and Kristen had really good chemistry in New Moon. They did a really good job in New Moon. The movie was gooooood. Going to c it again. Everybody did a good job.

  • jj

    Sorry, not Taylor Lautne's fan. Funny thing is why people only watch the body not actor's eyes.

  • letourneau

    pattinson and kirsten extraordinary together, one of the greatest screen teamings ever as for lautner too ordinary to small never a cats chance against the ethereal edward

  • Christelle Girodier
    Christelle Girodier

    I soooo loved it! I went to see it twice !! And i'm thinking to go watch it again LOL! It's not the same as in the book but it's as catchy as it !! Can't wait for the 3rd one! ! !

  • lizbizz11

    PLUS EDWARDS SEXY MOAN WHEN HE WAS KISSING BELLA GOODNIGHT WAS TO f*cking DIE FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I totally agreee...

  • Kate from Poland
    Kate from Poland

    in my town Warsaw we watched the New Moon at the same time as US 20th Nov. 2009 and when i saw it im fell in love with it. I love Twilight (all parts), also i read all books. The cast are amazing. I hope that we see Robert new movie...Remember Me.. greating for all Twilight-Fans

  • leeloo

    the film is amazing! and i enjoyed it very much! i cried too! :)) on the beake up! jacob is amazing! love it!

  • tatts09


  • tatts09

    i too loved every minute of it...omg,jacob is so sweet...i felt so sorry for him at the ending...geez..i think i cried like 4 times during the movie...the most was at the break up scene..and kristen stewart did an amazing job in this one..she is so effing beautiful...much better than twilght,i can't wait till eclipse comes out...JUNE 2010 PLEASE COME SOON!!!!!!

  • Cullenesque

    I Loved Every Minute Of It. Especially Jacob, Not because of his amazing body (it was amazing) but because i felt so much for him, so happy when he was happy, so sad when bella left him and so angry when he left bella.