NYC Prep Star Goes Paper Napkin to the Face!

When choosing weapons in a bar room brawl, one must consider numerous factors, including crowd condition, stature of opponent, accessiblity, and coolness. 

The pool cue is a good one.  Bar stool never goes out of style.  The Old School will remind you that a balled-up fist is the weapon forever at the ready.

But leave it to “NYC Prep” reality star, PC Peterson to lead with the napkin, a metal napkin dispenser to be precise, according to reports in an OK! Magazine article.

Apparently, PC was being harrassed by an obnoxious fan of the show while sampling the Madison, Wisconsin, mid-day bar scene

According to the “unnamed bar witness”, an always reliable source:

“…and then all the sudden the kid turned around and [PC] grabbed a metal napkin dispenser and started slamming the kid in the head and he was gushing blood from his head.”

According to the report, PC was wearing a black hoodie and black skullcap. 

Note to PC: you can’t go gangsta’ with a napkin holder.  You just can’t.