The Family That Tats Together, Stays Together

The Family That Tats Together, Stays Together-photo

Matching tattoos for the whole family?  Seriously?  I still get a bit queasy seeing those family portraits with the matching sweater vests or those matching Hawaiian dress to Hawaiian shirt in cutesy couples' photos.

According to an article in OK! Magazine, Trace Cyrus, the hard-rocking, inked-up older brother of Miley Cyrus, wants his entire flock to get matching tattoos.  

“I already have a matching one with my dad, there’s no reason I wouldn’t do it with my siblings.”

Here's the trouble I foresee: how does an entire family agree upon a permanent drawing on the body?  In my family, we can't even agree on what toppings we want on our pizza. 

What if Miley wants a butterly tramp stamp, while actor/singer/bad-haired dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, wants a burger palace rollergirl in hot pants?   What if Trace's poor spelling leads to him insisting upon the Gothic imprint, "Luv Familee", across the inner thigh? 

Who decides?

I officially label this Horrible Idea #735 to come out of Camp Cyrus.

But maybe you can convince me otherwise. What tattoo would you recommend for the entire Cyrus family?



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  • Mandy

    How about a "We Suck" tattoo? I think it's a great idea and very appropriate for this particular bunch!

  • weldonpilg

    sectors simulation fall cannot specific

  • stupid site
    stupid site

    just wondering...what is wrong with you???? What did the cyrus family ever do to you besided be talented??? Just leave them alone we all know trace says dumb things in interviews but i dont seriously think he means it. and besides he just said ive got one with my dad and if he could do one with hiss sisters and brothers he would do it not that they are..gosh

  • AMP

    i think a star because they've all got something to do with being a star. :)

  • Girble

    "Retard" across their foreheads.

  • Pinky

    maybe one that says "do not resuscitate."

  • lalalani

    That is sooo stupid........her little sister is like 8 or still weird......

  • Sarah J
    Sarah J

    I think they should get I'm With Stupid

  • citybabe

    that family is sick.

  • jen

    who the hell are you to say whether or not they should? jeez why don't you just leave the entire cyrus family alone for once

  • noah

    My sources tell me they've decided to go with the "Unicorn riding Dolphin" tattoo. Classic choice.

  • l

    their bodies their choice