VIDEO: Jennifer Lopez Takes A Tumble

VIDEO: Jennifer Lopez Takes A Tumble-photo

Whats better than singing about your super-expensive Christian Louboutin shoes? Falling on your face, thats what.

In case you missed Jennifer Lopez's performance last night at the American Music Awards, check out the video below. She sings, she falls, we laugh.



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  • jeffvond

    Geez, maybe J-Lo isn't as "fly" as she thinks she is??

  • sherri

    yea she said the fall was in the dance,, purposely.. yea right... just admit you are human and you fell... its obvious!!!

  • i'm poor
    i'm poor

    yep! if it wasnt for her fat ass... now, how's the stage doing? Hope it had insurance.... now why couldnt she have fallen on her face and have both of front teefs fall out?!

  • tatts09

    thats the power of suggestion dude!!STOP SINGING ABOUT IT AND MAYBE IT WON'T HAPPEN!!!!!