Deranged Miley Cyrus Fan Eats Her Own Cat!

The first casualty of the Great Miley Cyrus Twitter Boycott has been officially recorded.

Making good on her earlier threat to kill and eat her own cat Fuzzy if the Hannah Montana star didn’t return to Twitter, a deranged fan claims to have put her pet to rest and dined on her ill-fated feline friend.

In a painfully detailed Internet missive, the demented Cyrus follower lays out how she brought Fuzzy to the vet to be euthanized on Monday (which, perhaps not coincidentally, was Cyrus’ 17th birthday), then prepared herself a hearty meal of Fried Cat Strips out of her beloved pet’s remains:

“I then fried the meat in a pan with olive oil, added some salt and spice flavoring and put it on a plate with some celery and green onions. For a drink I had Mountain Dew.”

Personally, we think a nice white wine would have complemented the meal perfectly, but hey—to each their own.

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