Diddy Poised to Become Bad Boy of Home Shopping Network

Hold onto your girdle! The Home Shopping Network is featuring hip hop’s king, Sean “Diddy” Combs, on a two-hour segment in which he will explain the wonders that are his fragrances.

Yes, we see the irony in the mogul of Bad Boy Entertainment taking over television’s most whitebread community; so we’re giving you our version of how the monstrosity will play out before it airs:

Diddy hits your screen hi-def style and lookin’ glam in his custom-made HSN living room. He sits cozy in a floral chair that once belonged to the producer’s grandma, surrounded by delicately pale yellow walls. Front and center sit his highly coveted fragrances (I Am King and Unforgivable) atop a classic, round, wooden table.

Perplexed by the modest size of the furniture, he requests a remodel of oversized leather and rich mahogany. Unfortunately, the producer had a vision to bring the wholesome essence of the network into Diddy’s reputation, but an agreement was formed that allowed him two backup dancers, each holding a fragrance. We won’t get into the two hours of Diddy success and his plan to take over the world.

We’ve titled said segment Home with the Home Boy. Leave us a comment below letting us know what you think Diddy’s Home Shopping Network segment should be titled.

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