Dear Justin Bieber: I'm Sorry For Mauling You

Dear Justin Bieber: I’m Sorry For Mauling You-photo

In a new interview with Details Mag, the recently-injured Justin Bieber drops a major bombshell—although he may be a certified ladies man, he wants us fangirls to quit flashing him!!!

"I mean, I don't mind it. Just kidding—it's not something that's cool for them to do. There was this one girl in Seattle—I didn't even see her—she runs at me, tries to give me a hug and tackles me. It was really aggressive and scary."

I'm sorry Justin. If I scared you, I sincerely apologize. The way you tweet makes me feel as though we're already best friends.

And now I learn you're already going for Beyonce? You'd ask out a married woman? This changes things. We have a lot to talk about.

For now, just focus on your recovery and hopefully we can figure things out in the future.

BTW, you and Taylor Swift would make a cute couple.



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  • boo ...
    boo ...

    i whant to writ this to jsustin bieber but i do not know where he lives or any thing i am ... i had meningitis when i was 6 months old now i have some learning disabilitys i fell in love with you and your music when i red about you and heard about your life i am not 1 of those people who what to stalk you or anything i just wahn to be your friend and i know that a lot of people make fun of you and i a cosin that also adore you and your music if you coloud just pass this on to justin who ever nows him that woloud be amazing i am just looking forward to hearing back if you reply and it is not justin bieber i can report you love ... if it you justin that replies i will say my name . ps. i can find out and i am no stupid love......

  • kobe

    hi can you add me as your feind on my space look for kobe

  • molly Heger
    molly Heger

    [quote=Rosie O'Donnell]Shut up, Char. I'm totally digging the idea that Justin B. might be a chick. Now I don't even have to change teams to hook up with him/her/whatever. Dreams to come true. your a lesbo

  • justin biebers gf
    justin biebers gf

    omg i heard from my mom that justin bieber is 19 years old omg lol im justin biebers gf ha



  • clay

    justin u are an amazing song writer i have wrote songs for 6 years and u write music the same as me and i love it one day i hope to get big and i would try to co wright wit u and usher that would be amazing but ill see me big one day just remeber the name clayyton harrell

  • kattyas

    Justin is going on tour with WOW...yaaaa

  • somone

    are you people that stupid , you really think he is a girl? WOW , lmao , he is just a baby, get off his dick seriously

  • person

    everyine who comments here is CRAZY! where di the think justin is a girl thing come from??? Heeeelloooo don't you think someone beside you would have figured that out by now if it were true?

  • i hrt jb
    i hrt jb

    i wanna lick his ass!!!!!!!!!

  • i hrt jb
    i hrt jb

    he is so sssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  • i hrt jb
    i hrt jb

    i think justin is so hot.

  • makennah3

    Here's an idea. He's only 15, in one or two year his face will have changed because he will become more masculin. Exactly. I completely agree. I see half the people on here comment on every J.B. thing. If you hate him, why do you read all of this???

  • T-swift

    Am I the only one who doesnt believe that this "guy" is a guy? He's totally a chick with a short hair cut. they should do that genetic testing on him that they did on that African Runner. She's a hermaphrodite! Hey y'all better stop hating on one of my best friends! Ya hear? Y'all are just jealous!

  • abby

    Haha I'm sorry but this dude looks like he's still in middle school therefore we can't call him a "guy" he's a "young boy." And no him and Taylor Swift wouldn't make a cute couple. She is WAYYY to old for him. She's what 19 years old? He's just a little kid to her. Sorry but he seems like such a want-to-be.

  • yiuy

    hey obsessded! you just wait for that to happen your just jelous so shut up and watch wat happen in da futur ull c

  • obsessed

    honestly justin is just random kid who became famous cuz of some sh*tty song he sang.. in a year or so when he reaches puberty and turns fugly, his voice will crack then im just gona sit back and laugh

  • lizbizz11

    Justin Bieber is disgusting....

  • jen

    the reason I laugh when I see fans of celebs, because they never know when they are going to far, its almost like half their brains are missing!

  • renee

    aww i fell bad i want to cry are you ok