Kelly Osbourne Is a Graceful Loser. LOL, Not Really.

You didn’t really think that Kelly Osbourne would go down in defeat without issuing a barrage of obscenity, did you?

Us Magazine caught up with Ozzy’s kid after she was beat out by dentally gifted Mormon Donny Osmond on Tuesday night’s Dancing With the Stars, and her response to the loss was about as graceful as Jennifer Lopez’s American Music Awards performance.

Declared Kelly,

“Everyone kept coming up to me and saying, ‘Are you okay? Are you okay?’ And I’m like, ‘I never f*cking thought I was going to win anyway!'”

That’s right, Kel; you just keep telling yourself that.

But hey; Osbourne’s Dancing With the Stars stint wasn’t a total disappointment. After all, she did lose 20 pounds. And she discovered a newfound love for spray-tanning:

“I can’t stop, it makes me look skinny! I might ditch the fake tan for now, but whenever I think, ‘Oh, I’m having a fat day,’ I will go get a spray tan and think, ‘Confidence booster!’ Instant five-pound weight loss!”

Sadly, spray-tanning will likely do little to make Osbourne’s mouth seem less big.