Lindsay Lohan May Be Getting Help. Maybe.

Out of all the crazy Lindsay Lohan stories we hear, this one is the one we’re taking with a grain of salt.

A new reports says that the actress is meeting with a mentor three times a week to get her life together. A source tells Life & Style,

“She goes two, sometimes three times a week. This is not a program or substance-abuse counselor or police officer watching over her; it’s someone to talk to in a confidential state.

She knows, and everyone knows, this is a huge stepping-stone for her – get in there, talk to someone, figure out what’s going on and then try to fix it. First comes the diagnosis.”

We’re pretty sure the diagnosis is stop going to clubs, partying till dawn and snorting what’s left of your money. But who are we to judge? Maybe she’s just naturally high these days.

Do you think Lindsay’s finally getting help?