New Moon’s Audience Expands Into the Middle-Aged Perv Market

Think that the Twilight saga is only for teenage girls who swoon over hot vampires?

Think again—it’s also for the middle-aged sickos who stalk them!

Out of Norton Shores, Michigan, comes news that teenage moviegoer Erin Westrate got a little something extra while while attending a New Moon showing last Friday: a bite on the neck from an older gentleman who was looking to get his Edward Cullen on.

But hey, before we rush to judgment, let it be known that the unknown assailant—who was sitting in the row behind Westrate—loosened her up with a little sweet talk first.

Westrate tells local ABC affiliate WZZM-13:

“Every so often if I said something or my friend said something he would lean back and make a sexual comment that was very unnecessary and not needed.”

Westrate goes on to detail how, after the movie, as she waited for the audience to clear out so she could leave the theater, the man—who’s believed to be about 45 years of age—grabbed her by the hair, pulled her head down and bit her on the neck, thankfully not breaking the skin. 

The suspect is still at large.

What a freak—he could have at least sprung for popcorn first…