Peter Facinelli Says a Cullen Family Thanksgiving Would Be Just as Awkward as Yours

Just because vampires are undead doesn’t mean that they don’t face the same problems at their family get-togethers as the rest of us.

Celebuzz caught up with Peter Facinelli—perhaps best known as the Twilight saga’s vampire patriarch Carlisle Cullen—and quizzed him about how his blood-sucking clan might celebrate Thanksgiving.

What he described to us was a messy affair marked by family squabbling and tensions over uninvited guests. Sound familiar? Read on.

As far as settings go, Facinelli figures the Cullens would feast in the woods—not so much to capture that authentic Pilgrims-and-Indians vibe, but because, well, they’re not too big on table manners:

“It would probably involve hunting in the woods. They’re kind of messy eaters. I envision them going to a forest with fall leaves falling and with a little bib around their necks and they’d go hunting.”

And make no mistake, there would be some drama. Perhaps not surprisingly, Facinelli imagines that Nikki Reed’s character, Rosalie Hale, would be the one to get the ball rolling:

“Rosalie would probably start something. She’s always starting something.”

Ah, but now on to the real question: Would the Cullens find it in their immortal hearts to include Edward’s non-vampiric sweetheart, Bella Swan, in their celebration? P-Fac doesn’t think it would be such a hot idea, but his stubborn kid would probably insist anyway, leading to a melee that no one would be thankful for: 

“I don’t know if we would invite her. Of course Edward would want to invite her and that’s where we’d get into the fight with Rosalie. But I’m not sure she’s into raw animal, so she’d probably have to bring her own little doggy bag…her own werewolf bag.”

Ehh; she’d probably be content just to feast her eyes on Edward anyway.

How does Facinelli’s scenario match up to your own experience? Share your Thanksgiving nightmares with us in the comments section!