PHOTO GALLERY: Justin Bieber Is Man Enough For A Booster Seat

Justin Bieber, aka Baby Biebs, doesn't stop a thing like a broken foot or crazy fans stop him from doing his thang on the stage.

The 15-year-old showed off his super-sized cast as he opened up for a little-known singer named Taylor Swift at the M.E.N. Arena in Manchester. 

You know what they say about big casts....good singing.



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  • Jake im single
    Jake im single

    Damn hes fuckin ugly

  • fanofjb

    ur awesome jb keep on singing hatrz get on my nerves

  • someone

    justin i love u and am ur bigest fan on earth and whatever people say ur still great and HOT they dont like u but ur fans do we hope ur okay love someone and i will love u 4ever and ever people say things about u but who cares i dont ur fans dont u have a great voice and ur great at ever thing so i hope ur okay........ but my name isnt someone my name is ashly love u 4ever and ever if kizs or who ever say that ur this and that i will still love u forever and oone day ur going to find ur true love

  • irish jane
    irish jane

    im ur biggest fan i follow until u luv me

  • vbrfjfblgfrreg

    the next jesse mccartny.. grow some balls kid

  • Emily

    what happened to your foot???

  • Molly Heger
    Molly Heger

    This Justin Bieber is horrible. He's not cute and he is a horrible singer. Trust me, I saw him in concert (I was forced to go) he is really bad. I wouldn't consider him a musician of any sort. That's just plain rude. You jerk.


    all yopu People who dont like Jusitn why are you at this website?! and why do you write mean stuff about him? he didnt do anything so stop...anywayys i love Justin Bieber and i think he is the BEST!!!

  • Sharon

    Juuustin, you are so Sweet and Sexy. *__* I love your Smile and your Charackter. :D IWooah, i love you.

  • taylorlfan

    hey fools i like justin and im on my cus account im caroline c. and my cus is adri c. so dont make fun of him ok

  • Nzimi

    omg i will kiss it to make it better justin i lov e ya

  • Chloe

    Justin Bieber IS amazing wth all you haters! i was at the MEN arena and everyone was on their feet when he was up there! his vocals were amazing and anyone that says otherwise is delusional, there are singers out there that have made millions and they have awful voices!

  • katylousie

    he was amazing at the MEN. i love you justin!!

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Christ, I hope he didn't jizz on the back of that poor guy's head.

  • JustinBieberFan

    awh! i hope justin is okay! he's soo adorable & i'm happy that he got to perform even with a broken leg (:

  • kyuubi

    Just like a good Canadian hockey player, the kid sucks it up and plays hurt, the Maple Leaf rules!!