Amy Winehouse Wants to Party With R-Pattz; Celebrity Death Pool Ramps Up the Odds-Making Machine

Be forewarned, Robert Pattinson; you’re about to receive an invitation that it would be best to think twice (and maybe thrice) about before accepting.

OK! Magazine reports that singer/oft-hospitalized drug enthusiast Amy Winehouse is planning a Twilight-themed New Year’s Eve party—and she’d like nothing so much as to have R-Pattz as the guest of honor.

Reports a source,

“She’s planning on having a huge blood and guts vampire party on New Year’s Eve at her house…Amy thinks Robert is cool and loves the sexuality around vampires.”

Uh, yeah. We can completely understand why Wine-O would be a Twilight fan, and would want to ring in the new year with a vamp-themed soiree. After all, she’s pretty much teetering on undead status as it is, and the Twilight merchandising bonanza has even yielded some nifty party favors that Amy might appreciate.

But, his love of an occasional drink aside, we suspect that R-Pattz might be a little too delicate for that action. If Pattinson thought he had his hands full with the Volturi, we can only imagine how he’d fare trying to keep up with the Winehouse Party Express.

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think Pattinson and Wine-O would make good party pals?