PHOTO GALLERY: The Worst of the Best Celebrity Sex Tapes

According to a recent poll conducted among every woman I know (all three of them), 66.6% of females claim that either a sex tape or nude photographs of themselves exist on some hard drive on some computer in some ex’s apartment somewhere. Among celebrities, this figure is thought to be even higher.

From celebs you’ve long since forgotten, to the television and film stars of today, the Internet is awash with celebrity sex tapes (the most recent example being A Shot at Love vixen Tila Tequila’s recorded romp). To fulfill my oath of service to Celebuzz readers, I have personally reviewed each and every one of these sex tapes from the comfort of my beloved, second-hand, green-velvet porn couch. Sifting through dozens of hours of celebrity sex tapes has driven home one point above all else: these people need writers. The dialog … yikes.

But take a look inside this tawdry photo gallery for my selections of the Best of the Worst, or maybe, the Worst of the Best, of the celebrity sex tapes on the market (and, by “market,” I mean fairly and squarely stolen from the Internet).

If you could see a sequel to one of these, which would it be?