Tiger Woods Hospitalized After Car Accident

Tiger Woods Hospitalized After Car Accident-photo

UPDATE: According to Orlando's WESH, Woods was treated for facial lacerations and released shortly after 3 p.m. Eastern time. The Florida Highway Patrol says that charges are pending in the crash.

Tiger Woods' Thanksgiving didn't have the happiest of endings this year.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that the golfing legend was admitted to Health Central Hospital in Ocoee, Florida, in serious condition on Friday morning after getting in a car crash.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, Woods was leaving the driveway of his Isleworth home in his Cadillac Escalade at about 2:25 a.m. when he hit a fire hydrant, then struck a tree on his neighbor's property.

The accident was apparently a low-speed crash, since the airbags in his vehicle failed to deploy.

Police sources tell TMZ that alcohol was not a factor.



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  • cody

    I just read on POPDYNAMITE .COM that his wife beat him up because she's buying some story that he's cheating on her, then chased his ass with a golf club and caused him to crash...pretty intense story

  • Daisy

    It IS possible that his wife broke the back window because HE was in the front seat and breaking glass all over her already injured husband would just add more injury??? Maybe she wanted to get him out of the car faster than running back in the house to find the spare keys and running back out to unlock the door??? And so what if they DID have a fight over another woman??? Does that make him any less a human being?

  • mzz s
    mzz s

    we all know what this is about another woman why are you up at 300 in the mornin racing out of a driveway that you have driven out of many times the whole story will never come out but trust me its about a woman. and why did she need to use a golf club to bust window i think she was swinging on him before he left the house where are the spare set of keys hmmmmmmm

  • real

    why would we care about the other millions, tough guy??? punk!!!

  • 2012 will kill u all better pray
    2012 will kill u all better pray

    nothing agaisnt Wood why wood we give a fawk about this article mothe fawker ...eeps dont care ..there are millions who is in the car accident now end ed up in the hospital mother fawker...why dont you fawking list all their name....oh ok wood got money right??????

  • brandi

    This what you get for cheating on your wife,you ran out hte house at 2:00am after your wife confronted you abiut the slut stfu and die please

  • Monique

    This what you get for cheating on your wife,you ran out hte house at 2:00am after your wife confronted you abiut the slut

  • real

    They waited HOURS before reporting this, wonder why?

  • ash95

    How could you guys be so mean?! I just hope he's alright, and will be out of hospital soon.

  • beccacullen

    haha guess he shouldnt drive such a fancy car with rubbish airbags!

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Guess he should've used a different driver.