Lindsay Lohan Doesn’t Like Her Partying to Be Documented

Warning to shutterbugs: Do not ask Lindsay Lohan to say “cheese” when she’s in party mode.

The New York Post reports that Cobra Starship frontman Gabe Saporta had his phone confiscated by the security crew at New York nightspot Hudson Terrace earlier this week, after he dared to snap a few shots of LiLo hanging out with her brother Michael Lohan.

It seems that Saporta, who was serving as deejay for the evening, stepped out of his booth to get a few  of the Just My Luck star, at which point the trouble began, according to a source:

“The security team didn’t care that he was the deejay. They went up to Gabe, took his camera and erased all of his pictures to make sure there were none of her drinking or looking like she was having too much fun.”

Lohan, meanwhile, left the club at about 3 in the morning, the source adds.

Gee, we would think that Lohan wouldn’t mind a shot or two taken, if only so she could piece the evening’s events together the next day.

But then, we would also think that a gal who’s basically made a second career out of providing upskirt shots to the paparazzi wouldn’t be so camera-shy.

And we would have almost certainly assumed that, with the kind of career free-fall she’s been experiencing, Lindsay would be thrilled that anyone would want to take her picture at this point.

Then again, we probably would have thought that someone whose party-positive attitude has caused her so many legal troubles would at least try to, you know, curtail her nightlife activity a wee bit.

Oh, Lindsay Lohan—will you ever stop defying our expectations?

God, we hope not.