PHOTO GALLERY: Lady GaGa Debuts Superhero Alliance at Opening Concert

No, this isn't some Bizarro World version of the Justice League—just Lady GaGa and her backup dancers looking ready for action as the Monster Ball Tour kicked off at Montreal's Bell Centre on Friday night.

Although, come to think of it, maybe GaGa and crew should sign on with the World Superhero Registry. Any woman capable of shooting sparks from her nipples would no doubt be an asset to the crime-fighting community.

Check out the gallery from last night's Lady GaGa concert and tell us in the comments section: What other superpowers do you think the Pantsless One might possess?



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  • L

    fuk da HATERZ is wat she relly tryin to say

  • L

    i'd hit dat from da back = D


    ohmylord. 2 things caught my attention... 1. Lady GaGa looks so cool in this pic 2. HOLY sh*t, i can see the backup dancers dick HAHA

  • fucktardU

    wow. if she does have "secrets of manhood" that must hurt like a bitch. seeing as she doesnt wear pants. LOL. what kind of a moronic f*cktard would actually think that lady gaga is a MAN? srsly Eminem, is that the best you can come up with? ha ha

  • AmyisaDIPSHIT

    @Amy oh so you're pretty cuz your bashing her? psh. LOL i cud f*cking careless if youre pretty, and im sure your f*cking TALENTLESS. unlike lady gaga whos ugly and is a walking inspiration to everyone you f*cking DIPsh*t

  • jenni

    why is there a blonde snail in her head 8( worst of her mair do's

  • Nashid Ibn Ali
    Nashid Ibn Ali

    ONE WORD...AMAZZZIIINNNGGG! what'd you think of the opening acts?

  • Nashid Ibn Ali
    Nashid Ibn Ali

    [quote=Stefani Gagaloo Germanotta]My first performance what'd you think of the opening acts?



  • Carmela Scaramozzino
    Carmela Scaramozzino

    without a doubt, the most incredible concert I have ever been to. tops every other concert! totally worth having to stand in the rain since noon to get some good floor places. 170% worth it! I'd gladly do it again.

  • Marie

    I was there! Omg she was Crying she was soo cuttee!

  • Jasmine

    [quote=Stefani Gagaloo Germanotta]My first performance GaGa ! What is the fabulous music that played during the interludes ?? We loooooved it ! And we loooooove you ! ♥♥♥♥ - Jasmine / Montreal Fan

  • joe germanotta
    joe germanotta

    why you give me the finger?

  • Camille

    The stage was so slippery, she fell 2 times... This is one of the time it happends... :P

  • Your Drama
    Your Drama

    This was the best concert EVER! And for sure the best concert the Bell Centre has ever seen!! I really wish I could have met her!!!!

  • Amanda

    She's just making sure her junk is still hiding, no big deal. She doesn't want her secrets of man-hood being revealed.

  • Amy

    No, she wasn't actually smoking. Cynthia is a lying whore who wishes she met Lady Gaga. I for one, wish I had never gone. Lady gaga is best admired from afar. She's damn ugly up close.

  • Kristen

    Good lord! Talk about huge difference when she isn't wearing truckloads of makeup... Anyone who calls that pos "beautiful" needs their damn eyes checked.

  • Zach Robertson
    Zach Robertson

    LOVE IT!

  • Zach Robertson
    Zach Robertson

    She is beautiful as always :)

  • Zach Robertson
    Zach Robertson

    Fabulous!! Can't WAIT to see it!!

  • dcweber

    I love lady Gaga. she is amazing and free!! I wish you much success and love your new album as much as the 1st one!

  • Carmella Di Natale Germanotta
    Carmella Di Natale Germanotta

    lol.. hehe is awesome ur show Ga!!

  • Brigitte-Bad Romance-Brandao
    Brigitte-Bad Romance-Brandao

    :O :O GaGa..!! love you so much... Amazing!! muah muah

  • Stefani Gagaloo Germanotta
    Stefani Gagaloo Germanotta

    My first performance

  • Cynthia

    yes she is =) i was there so i know !!

  • Ashley

    haha.!! yes she was smoking.!! i was there at the concert..and she wasn't ugly.......she was so damn pretty..she changed like f*cking 3 or 4 times i guess.!! and she ROCKED =D

  • Monique Stone
    Monique Stone

    she was crying what do you expect its hard to look good when ure crying

  • yup

    damn she's ugly

  • hassan

    is she smoking?