VIDEO: Joe Jonas Works Off Some Sexual Frustration Onstage

VIDEO: Joe Jonas Works Off Some Sexual Frustration Onstage-photo

Nothing like a little workout to relieve the tensions of chastity, eh, Joe Jonas?

The Jonas Brothers singer and proud purity-ring owner was performing "Year 3000" with bros Nick and Kevin Jonas at Paris' Palais Omnisport de Bercy on Thursday when, in an apparent effort to channel his sexual energy in a wholesome way, he spontaneously dropped to the stage floor and engaged in a robust set of push-ups.

Way to stay in shape while keeping your mind off that icky girl stuff, Joe!

How will Joe Jonas keep his raging libido in check as the tour progresses? Hopefully during upcoming concerts we can look forward to Joe Jonas pouring ice water down the front of his pants, Joe Jonas reciting baseball statistics, and Joe Jonas perusing naked pictures of Angela Lansbury onstage in his ongoing effort to temper his biological drives.

It's not just entertaining—it's wholesome!



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  • guardian angel
    guardian angel

    Unquestionably believe that that you stated. Your favourite reason appeared to be on the web the easiest factor to take into account of. I say to you, I certainly get annoyed at the same time as folks consider issues that they plainly don't recognise about. You controlled to hit the nail upon the top and outlined out the entire thing with no need side-effects , folks could take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thanks


    i love the jonas brothrs soooo much I've been to 4 of their concerts and i would never say a bad thing about them but, i honestly dout joe is a virgin. not to be mean but come on hes 20. hes sexy. hes got a fu*king awsome body. JB 4 EVR

  • jen

    W.E DOUCHE I WAS PROVING NOAHS POINT! DONT GET ALL DEFENSIVE FAG what you don't like people replying to your stupid comments? Why don't you get a life, go f*ck yourself, it should relieve some stress

  • Hate_HAterrs x3
    Hate_HAterrs x3

    I bet he was fantasizing that Selena Gomez was underneath him while he was doing those push-ups. Dude's a straight-up perv. uhhh no the only perv here is you for thinking that. if you dont like the jonas brothers then dont be hating on them or making retarted comments like that.

  • Jenny Jonas from Albania
    Jenny Jonas from Albania

    I don't see anything sexual in those push ups! IDIOTS!!!!!leave joe alone!!!

  • mandi

    BTW that was nick

  • anni

    OH MY GOD celebuzz! he's just doing push-ups! ... AND? big deal! / love JB!

  • obsessed

    LMAOit was a freaking spelling error you moron, i'd like to see you have perfect spelling when you can't use one of your hands cause it broken! fk off W.E DOUCHE I WAS PROVING NOAHS POINT! DONT GET ALL DEFENSIVE FAG

  • 1234

    hes not sexually frustrated, hes just a showoff

  • hannahjonas4eva

    he done push ups at their Dublin concert too I dunno but can people just leave the guys alone they are good people

  • Chupasupagetti

    It's really mad! It's impossible if Joe Jonas do it !?! but it was really cool when Joe Jonas push-up.

  • Chupasupagetti

    It's rally mad

  • fuzzball222

    LUv joe jonas...stupid people..... JOE ROX!!! jbrule

  • Alex

    STFU, leave them and their person sexual decisions alone, ***holes. ur way to serious they're just joking with them Calm down dude

  • jen

    articals LOL!!!...articles LMAO it was a freaking spelling error you moron, i'd like to see you have perfect spelling when you can't use one of your hands cause it broken! fk off

  • obsessed

    articals LOL!!!...articles

  • noah

    I swear to God Celebuzz needs new people to write articals! You should probably contact them to be a writer -- I love your style. You spell real good too.

  • TT

    omg. get a damn lfe. i mean people start what they can't even finish. i agree. with liz. it is a sensual thing, and yes it is sexy" so damn what? don't get mad cause you ain't them and probably show it. peace ;) Team Jonas! GO JB! and good luck nick on new album, can't wait.! :)

  • Jennifer

    Omigod, what does this have to do with being sexually frustrated?You'll type up anything about them won't you?!So he did some pushups, wow let's write a strory about it...jerks.

  • Jo Bros fan
    Jo Bros fan

    Ok,why do u AWLAYS have to say something bad about them wvwn if there isnt?!! U HAVE A PROBLEM OR WHAT?!! They havent done to u anything wrong,We all know that Joe works out n he likes to flirt.So WHAT?! Doesnt every guy like to do that? And i agree with that comment upper,u just CAN'T stand that there's nothing impure about them can you?Well stop already,Dont u see that everyone says that?! U cant change our opinions about them.We are their fans.No matter what they do or u and other ppl say about them we are ALWAYS GOING TO BE THEIR FANS NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!! JO BROS RULE N JO BROS FANS R THE BEST!!!! :D

  • matt myker
    matt myker

    god-damn i hate the jonas brothers they are a bunch of F-A-G-S

  • monica

    i don't get it that's not sexual but they do need to have some sex appeal cuz you kno sex sells am i right/?

  • laurencullen

    I don't like Joe Jonas.

  • bcb

    what the f!? how do pushups have anything to do with sex?! i didnt know that when im working out im being impure. oops. my bad.

  • annony

    he was just showing off his buffness you pri.ick

  • britney

    umm nick was the one doing the pushups RETARDDS!!!!

  • jen

    I swear to God Celebuzz needs new people to write articals! Wth does chastity got to do with sexual crap?? And for Gods sake wth do you ALWAYS in every freaking artical about them, why do you INSIST on making a smartarse remark on their purity rings? I wear a purity ring, does that mean I'm gonna have sexual frustrationa nd have a bunch of low lives write articals about me?? GET A LIFE!


    Haha I saw this live and it was sooooo sexy ! Joe was amazing

  • katiia guzman
    katiia guzman

    what are you talking about please buy your own life! joe is a nice person and he has an amazing promise

  • gabi

    leave them sexual life alone!!!! tehy are awsome guys they can do what ever they like!!! Besides joe is so HOT!!!!


    Omg guys grow up. The Jonas Brothers don't even know who the heck you are. Do you think they care?

  • Anne Brown
    Anne Brown

    Oh my god!!!! Joe Jonas did a push upon stage!! Call the cops! .... Seriously, people? Just a push up. If you wanna talk about stars doing sexual things, then I can tell you all about Miley Cyrus on a stripper pole ... Exactly.

  • large

    isn't that NICK Jonas doing the pushups? It seems to be him...

  • taylor swift
    taylor swift

    THIS AUTHOR NEEDS TO BE FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ace

    You idiots posting comments are completely clueless. Any male who doesn;' have sexual release gets physically sexually frustrated. Some of the techniques used to alleviate sexual urges are doing things like push ups, talk about baseball stats, etc... That was the point of the joke you morons.

  • Fareeha Akhtar
    Fareeha Akhtar

    u noe wht u jb hatersss...he wz nt sexually frustrated!he wz jst doing push-ups! btw JB 4 EVER!!!!!!!

  • Yes

    Hes doing push ups for crying out loud. What the hell does that have to do with chastity?! He's entertaining his fans. Get a life.

  • M

    You people seriously need to GET A LIFE. You have no freaking idea what you're talking about. It was a damn push up. GET OVER IT.

  • elizabeth

    perhaps this idiot? as noted you do not know anything about the jonas brothers on your you know what you think joe jonas this to you who the hell cares? Get yourself a life better stupid criticism for criticism or you know you say no and shut your big mouth opines

  • jonas

    ok so this has nothing to do with the topic.push wheres the problem.And theres ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with wearing a promise ring.Seriously these jokes are getting major old.

  • Mrs.Amanda.Jonas

    I guess they must have all been letting out a little sexual frustration!! I don't know, maybe I'm crazy, but it did look like there was more than just Joe doing the pushups. And for the record, it was SUPER HOT!!!!!!!! But seriously, are you guys actually that hurting for some good news that this is all you could come up with????? So pathetic. Here's some news for ya!!! Joe winked at me and because of that I'm pregnant with his baby!!!!!!!!! LOL Print that!!!!!!

  • Eva

    Forgot to say something. In that video..everyone was doeing push ups...what have that with sexual tensions to do???? f*cking bastard who post this stuff!!! get lost you jeaolus freak!!! They did it like a part of their performance i guess....ahhh would like to touch him right there.....HE IS SOOOOOO HOT!!!!GAHHHHHH!!!

  • Eva

    Ok, whats wrong with that??? If he got exidet so what???? THATS NORMAL, IF HE WOULDNT GET EXIDET AT ALL IN HIS LIFE WOULD THAT BE NORMAL???....and everyone know that boys cant always control theyre hormones...right???!!! But i think ITS HOT!!! hot dude!!!!!! He is a babe...wouldnt mind if he was standing there in his boxers...*wink*...ahhh!!! He is such a tease...! Get lost stupid people who thinks that something to make a big deal of!...whoever say it is a idiot! Go on JOE!...JB FoRVER!!!!!!!

  • sydsouth

    * lolz. okay those pants of his are WAY,, to tight in certain area's!! Doing push-ups in pants as tight as there's probably has given them all orgasm's by now--so on that note, I dnt consider them as virgins...lose the super tight pants guys..dnt listen to your music but i'm giving you some advice you should really think hard about!!* =D lmfao

  • Marianne

    How does doing push ups relate to his sexual tension? Are you saying he was getting a boner or something...and how would you know that anyway? Maybe he was doing push-ups to show the fans how buff he is or something. Plus I remember Gwen Stefani did push-ups at a performance on American Idol....was she sexually frustrated as well?

  • liz

    Awww, the Horns are doing it, too!! Miguel is a babe. Whatever people. If you have been to a Jonas show you should know it is's a sexual release for the majority of the people in the room. Cuz music and dancing is a sensual thing, even when it's "wholesome". DUH. The Jonases rule.

  • obsessed

    lmfaoo i dont know how this relates so sexual tensions but w.e lol idc ,jb suck

  • Mrs. Cady Jonas
    Mrs. Cady Jonas

    OMG!!! He's not sexually frustrated becuz all the other guyz on stage r doing push ups with him!!! I think he's freakin hot so u stupid people need to leave him and his perfectly adorable celibate self alone!!!!!!

  • hispanicatthedisco

    I bet he was fantasizing that Selena Gomez was underneath him while he was doing those push-ups. Dude's a straight-up perv.

  • em

    i get the whole die-hard fan thing,,,but this kid was expressing his need to show off his "manlyness" in front of tens of thousands ....probably because he's sexually fustrated...relax, it doesnt mean he'll be kissing boys next week, its just that he looks for ways not to seem "less-than" as a man...i think they're great rolemodels for kids

  • Florencia

    hahaha poor idiots!.., he didn't anything bad!!,, look?.., this is what jealousy does :) stupid! he did a push up, and? god..., idiots! They are ABSOLUTELY PERFECT JB 4 EVER

  • anna

    WHAT?!??! i don't see anything diferent! he just was doing push-ups!! CELEBUZZ WHAT THE HELL ARE WITH YOU?? leave their sexual decisions alone!!

  • Najah

    What does doing push-ups have to do with chastity? Idiots!

  • WOW

    Are you freaking kidding me? OMG HE DID A PUSH UP! Why don't we start comparing him to Adam Lambert??? Frikin A Holes. You just CAN'T stand that there's nothing impure about them can you?

  • Ugh

    STFU, leave them and their person sexual decisions alone, ***holes.