VIDEO: Joe Jonas Works Off Some Sexual Frustration Onstage

Nothing like a little workout to relieve the tensions of chastity, eh, Joe Jonas?

The Jonas Brothers singer and proud purity-ring owner was performing “Year 3000″ with bros Nick and Kevin Jonas at Paris’ Palais Omnisport de Bercy on Thursday when, in an apparent effort to channel his sexual energy in a wholesome way, he spontaneously dropped to the stage floor and engaged in a robust set of push-ups.

Way to stay in shape while keeping your mind off that icky girl stuff, Joe!

How will Joe Jonas keep his raging libido in check as the tour progresses? Hopefully during upcoming concerts we can look forward to Joe Jonas pouring ice water down the front of his pants, Joe Jonas reciting baseball statistics, and Joe Jonas perusing naked pictures of Angela Lansbury onstage in his ongoing effort to temper his biological drives.

It’s not just entertaining—it’s wholesome!