PHOTO GALLERY: Rihanna and Her Umbrella-Ella-Ella

How’s this for a bit of weather-related irony?

“Russian Roulette” singer Rihanna, who sailed to the top of the charts with her 2006 hit “Umbrella,” had her party parade rained on in London Saturday night, when a sudden downpour opened up and she was failed by one of the very contraptions that she’d sung the praises of.

The Barbados-born songbird, who’s in town to perform live for The X Factor’s results show tonight, was emerging from The Wellington Club when the sky opened up, prompting the club owner to provide an umbrella (or “brolly,” as they’re called over there, because they’re so wacky) for his famous patron. Sadly, a gust of wind caused the device to collapse,forcing Rihanna to brave the elements as she made her way to her car, which promptly transported her to her next party destination, Bungalow 8.

Hey, nothing’s gonna stop this gal from partying, especially given the amount of rain that’s fallen into her life already this year.

Click through the gallery to see Rihanna soldier on through adversity.

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