Taylor Lautner's Abs to Host Saturday Night Live

Taylor Lautner's Abs to Host Saturday Night Live-photo

Better warm up the TiVo, Team Jacob; Us Magazine reports that New Moon hunk Taylor Lautner will be testing out his comedic chops on December 12, as the host of Saturday Night Live. (Apparently, SNL's attempts to woo Lautner's co-star, Robert Pattinson, have so far fallen flat.)

The questions abound: Do you think Lautner has the sense of humor to pull off the gig? Do you think T-Laut will spoof his classic The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D? Perhaps most importantly, how many skits do you think will require Taylor to doff his shirt? Share your predictions in the comments section!



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  • Gaukhar

    Taylar the best. And this now evry one

  • jessica

    [quote=ashley ford]are u single NOPE SRY IM TAKEN BY 7 GUYS BUT ILL KEEP YOU IN MIND!!!! :D

  • franny

    i love taylor, but i dont know about this. i will definitely watch, but i dont know how funny it'll be. i think rob would be hilarious on snl. when i see him in interviews, he just brings a smile on your face. his personality is great. i love love love taylor lautner, but he's just too serious.

  • sabrine

    can some one tell me if its on normal tv ..i reeealy want to watchh it !!

  • roblover

    Robert Pattinson you are sooooo right, SNL should have Rob on the show, people wanna see him, not a kid with steroid made abs and zero sense of humor

  • Shanley Jane
    Shanley Jane

    Taylor Lautners Mine !

  • gaga

    im looking forward to this snl- lautner will be amazing!!

  • *team jacob*
    *team jacob*

    he is gonna do fine ... its ok if u mess up it will even b more funnier ... snl is supposed 2 b funny !!! he would do better than any of yall !!! team jacob !!!

  • ream cullen
    ream cullen

    well team cullen not to sound crazy or any thing but it sounds alot like Joe Jonas ......when he what dating t-swift.......idk im sorry bu i dont get u here sorry

  • Aitch Cs
    Aitch Cs

    You just can't beat Rob's gorgeous face.. Jeez look at that!

  • Pizam

    I don't think it will be too good. don't get me wrong, i love Jacob and he is so fine, but in every interview i have seen him as 'himself' he is just really young and boring. I don't think he'll be as funny or cool as his girl Taylor Swift. She was good on SNL

  • Aitch

    I am sure he was their second choice behind Rob Pattinson.

  • taylorfan

    i luv u taylor pliz hear me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tellie

    well team cullen not to sound crazy or any thing but it sounds alot like Joe Jonas ......when he what dating t-swift.......idk

  • Jennyra Olivencia
    Jennyra Olivencia

    I am not really a crazy fan, so i might not have all the details straight. I once read that Taylor was interested in business and didn't like the idea of taking off his short. My advice to anyone, is DO WHAT YOU LOVE BEST and work your way up from there. Whether your good at it or not, you can always learn, if you pal on addressing an aduence then i hope you have had PLENTY of pratice.

  • Izzie

    Sarah, stop hating on him. He signed on the numerous other projects and will do fine if not amazing in his numerous upcoming movies. This boy is talented. I guess you havent seen New Moon and his nasty good acting in it. You're probably not even a Twilight or Taylor fan, hater, why're you commenting on this? I see your point, at least I think you make a little sense, but seriously, stop putting him down, because what you said is wrong. And jeez I'm not that a big of a Taylor fan to know that he does have talent and good fortune. I... sorta cant wait for SNL Dec.12, I just hope they dont make him land on a stupid skit.

  • lycuricy

    sarah you are so right !!!!

  • Sarah

    I'm sooooo looking fwd. to this show. Bon Jovi and Taylor!!! Wouldn't miss it for anything!!! It will be DVRd!!! Can't wait. Woohoo!!! TEAM JACOB BABY!!!! Taylor's gonna ROCK SNL!!! Oh dear. Bon Jovi is going to perform? SNL used to be my favorite show, but recently it's been going downhill. The last TRULY funny episode they had was the one with Taylor Swift. Other than that, this season has kind of been a bust. I'm definitely dreading this episode; Lautner is a mediocre actor best known for his abs...

  • sydsouth

    WHO THE HECK IS THIS DUDE?!? * wow...his name is Taylor Lautner, so go to Google and find the hell out before I go crazy!!* =]

  • Alex

    When I think of this young man hosting Saturday Night Live the one thing that springs to mind is 'Man, I wish it wouer 1992... because that show was HILARIOUS BACK THEN!"

  • Kristin

    I can't wait to see it! He is so hot!!! I wished he kissed Bella in the movie...

  • michout


  • LoveJacob

    I'm sooooo looking fwd. to this show. Bon Jovi and Taylor!!! Wouldn't miss it for anything!!! It will be DVRd!!! Can't wait. Woohoo!!! TEAM JACOB BABY!!!! Taylor's gonna ROCK SNL!!!

  • elle

    definitely NOT looking forward to this. he was alright in New Moon but he's really not that talented. January Jones wasn't good, I think he might be as bad as Michael Phelps

  • anonymous :D
    anonymous :D

    he's soooooooo cute :D

  • sydsouth

    * I so can't wait to see this...if he messes up I STILL would love him afterwards. He's awesome & this will be documented on my video camera!! Anyways, he's hot and so fukin adorable, he'll do great!!* =}

  • team cullen
    team cullen

    i love *sarcasm there* how he hasnt shaved, remind u of any1? Ive also realised he's not smiling tha much on the red carpet like he used 2, remind u of any1? on the red carpet and interviews etc, wat he says sounds kinda controlled compared 2 the rest of the cast especially rob. theirs 4 big topics he talks about are his body (which all knew about be4 proomotion) team jacob, bella/jake 'relationship' and team jacob, he talks to much about jacob especially wen asked if he would play any1 else every1s like yea defo hes lyk no its lyk change the subject. BUT APART FRM ALL THA taylor seems like a good kid. ive neva rele heard him say anythin funny, where as the restof the cast seem 2 joke and take the piss (especially rob who takes the piss of himself)

  • misspince

    it will be great and taylor will do fine now i would cringe if pattinson hosted snl he has no interpersonal skills at all and performs abysmally at every interview he should learn something from his younger co-star

  • obsessed

    lmfaoo cant wait too see this

  • elenandra

    he is going to kill it!he is so effin funny and down to earth and not to mention hot!u lil jail bait :X:X

  • Anonymous

    Arggh whyy didnt he clean shave, Hes still mega hot, buh mega mega hotter clean shaved

  • ashley ford
    ashley ford

    are u single