Tiger Woods' Accident Prepares to Upgrade to Full-Blown Media Circus Status

Tiger Woods' Accident Prepares to Upgrade to Full-Blown Media Circus Status-photo

Board up the windows and head for the storm cellar; there's a major disturbance poised to hit Florida in the next couple of days.

Some intriguing new developments have emerged in the curious case of golf legend Tiger Woods, who had the misfortune of getting into a suspicious car accident over an exceedingly slow news weekend.

As previously reported, Woods was hospitalized during the early-morning hours on Friday, after smashing his Cadillac Escalade into a fire hydrant and tree outside of his Florida home. According to reports, the accident occurred during a fight that Woods had been having with his wife, model Elin Nordegren, over rumors that he had been having an affair with Rachel Uchitel.

Now TMZ reports that Woods told a friend on Friday that his wife had "gone ghetto" on him and that "I need to run to Zales to get a 'Kobe Special'"—described by Woods as "a house on a finger," and an apparent reference to the mega-bling that Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant had laid on his wife Vanessa following his rape trial in Colorado.

In the meantime, TMZ also reports that the Florida Highway Patrol's attempts to interview Woods and Nordegren over the weekend have been stymied by the couple, who have so far twice turned the police away from their home. Police are likely hoping to determine whether the facial lacerations Woods suffered were the result of his altercation with Nordegren or the subsequent accident, and are apparently quite suspicious of Nordegren's version of events. If it's found that Woods' injures were caused by his wife—and police reportedly found no blood in his car's steering wheel—then it's entirely possible that domestic-abuse charges could follow.

One person who is willing to talk, however, is the alleged "other woman," Uchitel. Though she has roundly denied rumors of an affair since news of the accident broke, TMZ reports that she has enlisted the services of infamous attorney/publicity hound Gloria Allred—so don't expect this story to disappear from the headlines anytime soon.



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    Cordell Sowden

    There are many approaches to something what is ambitious for me?.? Thanks. Its good to hear from someone who has been in the same shoes.

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    Lindsey Mccardle

    At this point I could only believe it’s sub stantive note.

  • sydsouth

    * well, duh, Tiger's record is spotless when it comes to Hollywood crap....I personally am proud of him for stepping outside the box and being "bad", for once, people really need to learn how to live life!! Oh and the picture above is the perfect example of what Tiger would look like if he cheated on my ass!!* =}

  • noah

    poor tiger :(