Chris Brown Forgoes Obvious Ike Turner Comparison, Says He’s More Like R. Kelly

What do you do when you’re trying to rehabilitate your public image after becoming universally reviled for beating the hell out of your ex-girlfriend?

Here’s a handy tip from your old pal Chris Brown—compare yourself to a guy who went on trial for allegedly peeing on an underage girl.

The “I Can Transform Ya” singer appeared on Sirius radio channel Shade 45 on Saturday to promote his new album Graffiti, and to discuss his efforts to crawl back into the public’s good graces after, well, you know…

The way Brown sees it, if he hadn’t produced such a quality collection of new music after being convicted of felony assault, he’d have an even harder time convincing the world that he’s not a complete jerk. Just like a certain other infamous R&B performer.

Brown told host DJ Whoo Kid,

“If I came back with a wack record, it might have been a wrap. It’s like when R. Kelly went through his situation; he put out his album and he had his record and people really listened to his music and it was like, ‘Wow.'”

Like, wow, indeed. You couldn’t have come up with a better comparison for yourself, Chris? Like, say, just about anybody else in the world?

Check out audio of the interview below:

You just know Phil Spector is kicking himself in his prison cell right now. If only he had spent his money on studio time instead of wig-shopping during his trial and cranked out some killer jams, things might have turned out so much differently…

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