Former Brat Packer Gets in on Vampire Craze in a Bid for Continued Career Relevance

In an apparent attempt to revive his career by capitalizing on the current craze for all things vampire, former Brat Pack member Anthony Michael Hall allegedly “bit his girlfriend’s forehead” earlier this month, according to Radar Online.

Hall—who rose to fleeting fame in such ’80s John Hughes films as Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club—is also alleged to have “pushed, shoved and spit at” his significant other, Sirius Radio host Diana Falzone, during an argument in her New York apartment in the early-morning hours of November 10.

Though no motive for the biting attack has yet been determined, it’s widely believed that Hall—whose last known media appearance was a guest spot on a 2008 episode of Criss Angel: Mindfreak—had been seeking to associate himself with the then-upcoming release of the Twilight sequel New Moon by engaging in vampiric behavior. Witnesses report recently seeing a man closely fitting the 41-year-old actor’s description standing in front of a New York movie theater, staring at a poster featuring Robert Pattinson and muttering, “Yeah, I can still play young…with the right CGI…”

Hall isn’t the only Brat Pack alumnus seemingly intent on relaunching his career on the back on the Twilight franchise. According to reports, Hall’s former colleague Judd Nelson was recently spotted jumping out of a dark alley wearing a black cape and plastic fangs, alarming pedestrians by screaming, “Blah! I vant to suck your blood!” Molly Ringwald, meanwhile, is said to be working with an acting coach to hone her once-renowned lip-biting skills in an effort to “show that K-Stew chick how it’s done.”