Lady GaGa’s 5 Steps To Pulling Off the Perfect Stage Fall

Falling on stage—Lady GaGa’s doing it right.

Gags kicked off her Monster Ball tour in Canda over the weekend and fell on her perfect lil’ bootay during her performance of her single “Teeth.”

Falling on stage isn’t anything new, but in recent weeks many celebs have joined the club, including Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, and the Jonas Brothers.

However, this one was different. It was pretty damn awesome.

To GaGa-fy your fall, here are five simple steps:

  1. Wear 6 inch loubs. But unlike J-Lo, embrace the fall.
  2. Rub vaseline on the stage beforehand. Shiny stages may be a safety hazard but they sure do look cool, am I right?
  3. Sew a discreet butt pad into your leotard so that instead of lying on the floor for a couple secs, you literally bounce right back up!
  4. Call the audience “monsters” while slipping them some roofies. Party time!
  5. Gyrate your lady parts against the wall, deleting the fall from any and all all memory.

Now for the good stuff….about :17 seconds in!