New Miley Cyrus/Timbaland Collaboration Debuts; Miley to Claim She’s Never Listened to Timabaland in 3…2…1…

Miley Cyrus’ duet with Timbaland, “We Belong to Music,” made its way onto the Internet on Sunday, sparking speculation in the entertainment-journalism community about just how long it will take the Hannah Montana star to deny not only ever listening to Timbaland, but to profess ignorance of his very existence.

On the heels of Cyrus’ claim that she’s never listened to Jay-Z, despite the aggressive name-checking on her hit single “Party in the USA,” celebrity reporters are anxiously awaiting word from Miley that she had no previous knowledge of the Shock Value II rapper, despite appearing on his record.

Some believe that Cyrus will claim to have been surreptitiously recorded while singing in the shower. Others theorize that she’ll suggest that her alleged contribution to the track is actually an uncanny impersonation by her nine-year-old sister Noah, as part of an ongoing campaign by the younger Cyrus to bite her more-famous older sibling’s style.

Cyrus is expected to announce a press conference on the matter sometime this afternoon. It is also believed that she might use the conference as an opportunity to trash the Twilight movie series once again, in an effort to deflect attention away from her spurious denials.

In the meantime, the Miley Cyrus/Timbaland collaboration—assuming this isn’t an elaborate hoax—is presented below.