I Finally Found Something To Love About Rihanna!

Go on, kill me. But I’m not a Rihanna fan.  

In particular, I’m not a big fan of her music. It’s okay. But it’s so heavily produced it really could be anybody singing. Can she belt out a tearful torch song like Whitney or create a soulful melody on piano like Alicia Keys?  The world may never know. But, for now, musically, she’s just tinsel.  Very shiny tinsel. 

However, I’m a positive person. I try to find something good to say about everybody. But every now and then I struggle to find something I honestly admire about certain individuals. Rihanna has been one of those tough ones for me.

Until today, when I find this little nugget of praiseworthiness:

“Every woman should have naked photos taken.”

   – Rihanna, from an article in the U.K.’s Sun Newspaper, 11/30/09

In the article, the Barbados-bred feminist—who’s had a little experience with the nude-photos thing—provides some solid advice for the young women of this world: strip off your skivvies and snap some cheesecake because five years from now, you may not look nearly as hot.

Susan B. Anthony couldn’t have said it any better.

I’ve got nothing against the naked human form. You own it, you got every right to show it.  But in this day and age of instantaneous, worldwide digital distribution of media, is having somebody shoot you in the buff really the message that influential female celebrities should be pushing? 

Are seemingly more positive refrains such as “Every woman should educate themselves” or “Young girls should aspire to be anything they can imagine” considered so uncool and old-fashioned as to be replaced by, “Get some nude photos up before you start sagging”?

Let’s hear your opinion. Is Rihanna just having an attention-grabbing lark, or is this actually a potentially harmful message to be touting?

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