Jessica Simpson Shines, Just In the Wrong Places

You thought she went into hiding, didn’t you?

False. Jessica Simpson made a super shiny comeback at her sister’s Broadway debut Monday night. Amidst all of the criticism and fat jokes, this chicken of the Hollywood sea, once again, found a way to bounce back…in a big way.

Personally, I applaud Ms. Simpson for her courageous effort to ditch the oversized denim and sweatshirts that look as though she struck a deal with a homeless man in which she traded in her most prized possession, her Louis bag of course. But Jess, you’re not the same size you used to be, and that’s okay. I just ask that you refrain from rummaging through boxes of beloved dresses from your Newlywed days. Different year, different size.

It’s clear this was the perfect time for her return. I mean, she’s glowing…literally. But I ask myself, is this where you want the spotlight to shine? One can’t help but to glaze over her face only to get caught on her bulging beauties, and she’s just begging for rumors of an alleged bun in the oven.

Nevertheless, the girl is back and I’m confident she will find her footing in the fashion world, just how she impacted the football world. How would you like to see Jessica’s comeback? Let us know in the comments section.